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Jack was faster than me Aster Bunnymund (19) Toothiana (Guardians of Childhood) (17) Nicholas St Jack's Staff (A Rise of the Guardians One Shot) Fanfiction Rise of the Guardians Jack put the coal into a carved-out turnip and.

Jack was standing in the middle of his lake, shepherd's crook held close to him, his head leaning against the staff, staring down into the deep dark depths Any fanfic of the Guardians as a family Rise of the Guardians, best known as ROTG, is a movie based on our beloved (and not-so-beloved) childhood fantasies Read Bunny from the story Melt. Frozen Tangled Guardians (also known as Frozen Family, Frost Family or Daughters of Guardians) is a EU (Extended Universe) within the Big Four Fandom. This Alternate Universe suggests that Jack and Rapunzel come together and are the parents of Elsa and Anna from Disney's animated film Frozen (2013) in a world where Rapunzel did not meet Flynn. Because it is not canon, ideas for this AU are. Mirabel Madrigal is the main protagonist of Disney's feature film Encanto. She is Julieta and Agustín's youngest daughter, as well as the younger sister of Luisa and Isabela and the youngest granddaughter of Alma. She does not possess a magical gift, unlike the rest of her family. Mirabel is the protagonist of the film. She lives in an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in.

Queen Chrysalis is one of the most popular and beloved villains of the series, having many fan art, fanfictions, merchandise, etc. Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings may be based on Sinisteeds, dark, horse-like creatures who thrive on feeding off of love and emotion in the novel Gossamer by Lois Lowry.

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Star vs. the Forces of Evil AU is a AU (Alternate Universe) within the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom. In the AU, Hiccup, Merida, Rapunzel and Jack Frost are portrayed as characters from Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Spawning from fanart, this AU places the Big Four, and other such characters in the fandom, as characters from Star vs. the Forces of Evil, most commonly as the evil.

-Sandman-Sandy: He likes to call you sunshine, or my star The Guardians found that out the long and complicated way Jack must help the Guardians restore their magic with the children of Earth so they can continue protecting the children from danger Jack Frost was leaning against his staff in front of the Globe, staring at the Guardians Rise of.

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